As the new year begins, Arts Help is proud to accept an Award of Excellence from the Economic Club of Canada for our work and progress this year. On January 7th, 2021, Arts Help’s leadership and advisory board attended the Economic Club of Canada’s Annual Economic Outlook 2021 virtual event. The event featured keynote speakers and national economic leaders, who gave a myriad of presentations on recent and future economic development trends.

After moving from the virtual lobby to the presentation room, guests and speakers were greeted by Rhiannon Rosalind, President and CEO of the Economic Club of Canada. Rosalind gave opening remarks before beginning her outstanding dedication. Arts Help was presented with an Award of Excellence for Outstanding Creative Development, an honour that commemorates the impact of our programming and efforts in the last year. Rosalind graciously presented the award, citing Arts Help’s global reach and support of artists through economic development, education, and virtual community as critical factors in this honourable distinction. Arts Help engaged in several unique and innovative projects recently, including the launch of ICONS, the #100united writing community, and a climate awareness development project in partnership with York University. In addition to programming, Arts Help seeks to support artists worldwide, especially during the uncertain and tumultuous circumstances of the last year.

Arts Help is honoured and proud of the Economic Club of Canada’s acknowledgement and hopes to continue aiding artists and creatives with our wide-reaching virtual platform and social impact programming. Our goals and targets will continue to prioritize using art as a vehicle for global change and aligning with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.  As we kick off 2021, keep an eye out for our Artist Education series and Closer Look at Downtown Markham’s Public Art Project!

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