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Founded on the principle of art making the world a better place, Arts Help is the largest digital art publisher, with a community of 20 million members. The United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals serve as the framework that guides the mission of the organization.

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As a nonprofit organization, Arts Help partners with large institutions to develop impactful projects and programming. We believe art is a vehicle for social change.

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Our Advisory
, Board of Advisors Chair, and Brand Marketing Communications, Apple (Canada)
AMANDA DORENBERG, President, Canadian Out Of Home Marketing & Measurement Bureau (Canada)
AMY MOWAFI, Co-Founder & CEO, MO4 Network (Egypt)
CHRIS LARSEN, Executive Chairman of Ripple's board of directors (USA)
DEL TITUS BAWUAH, Founder, Web3 Accra (W3A) (UK & Ghana)
ERIC JACKS, Chief Strategy Officer, Collab (USA)
HOPE AZEDA, Founder & Director, Mashirika Performing Arts & Media Company (Rwanda)
JANA MACALIK, Interim Vice President (Academic & Research) and Provost, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (Canada)
PADDY HARRINGTON, Founder Frontier (Canada)
RACHEL JACKSON, Artist Relations, Google/Youtube Music (USA)

Our Team & Contributors
AMANDA DORENBERG, Chief Executive Officer
ERIC JACKS, Chief Visionary Officer
DEL CHARLES, Vice President of Programming
MO GHONEIM, Chief Strategy Officer
NIHAL TAHA, Chief Financial Officer
STUART CAMPBELL, Creative Director, CCC Program
FIZZA NASIR, Employee Success Manager
ALEX FILIPAS, Head of Design
DIDHITI KANDEL, Managing Editor
HUDA MAHMOUD, Marketing Coordinator
AHMED MAMDOUH, Integrated Media Specialist
LATOYA ABULU, Special Features Editor
HANNAH CHEW, Special Features Editor
GEDEON MWANO, Music Editor

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