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Hannah Chew

Special Features Editor at Arts Help. Current sophomore at Harvard University.

Katherine Hudak

Formerly the Managing Editor at Arts Help, Katherine is fascinated by how artists can contribute to social & environmental causes, and believes in supporting undiscovered creatives.

María Fernanda Torres

María was the former Managing Editor at Arts Help.She has a degree in Engineering and a Masters in Economics.She is an avid reader and passionate about making quality education available for everyone.

Karla Cloete

A South-African writer with an honours degree in Creative Writing and Psychology. She writes to advocate for gender equality and mental health awareness. She loves theatre, literature and debate.

Mallory Gemmel

Mallory is an interdisciplinary writer & editor. She has a BFA in Photography & Curatorial Studies from Emily Carr University & a Master of Arts in Comparative Media from Simon Fraser University.

Havana Xeros

Havana is a Psychology and Art History student at McGill University. Havana is a passionate photographer, writer and nature lover.

Chandni Bhatt

Toronto-based artist with a passion for writing and sustainable art.

Laurel Mcleod

Toronto-based Artist and Designer with a Master’s in Fine Art from OCAD University.

Laura Thipphawong

Toronto-based artist and research writer with a Master's in Art History and Critical Theory. Teacher and business developer. Outdoor explorer and environmentalist.

Joana Alarcão

Joana Alarcão is a Portuguese eco artist and writer that works within the concepts of human behaviour and social and environmental justice. She is also the founder of Insights of an Eco Artist.

Deanna Parenti

Writer, ceramicist, and happy hammocker

Sina Schaefer

Sina is a Journalism student at Oxford Brookes University. She is passionate about art, politics and has been a competitive rower for 13 years. She works for the German broadcast service (ZDF).

Ontlotlile Seemela

Ontlotlile is a Masters graduate from the University of South Africa. She is a short story writer, a founder of the @Literature_nook book club and is passionate about exploring the local art scene.

Rachel Ezrin

A writer, editor, and teacher with a Master’s in Creative Writing. Sustainability advocate with an interest in photography. Valiant defender of the oxford comma.

Phoebe Bulotano

Phoebe is a Cebu-based student with a passion for queer theory, sustainable living, and gender equality. Right now, she is exploring textile art.

Latoya Abulu

Formerly the Managing Editor at Arts Help, Latoya is a special features editor and journalist with a passion for sustainability, politics and books. Currently at Mongabay

Avleen Grewal

Avleen Grewal is a PhD student at University of Ottawa. She completed her MA from McMaster University, and BA Hons. from the University of Toronto.

Keisha Jacobs

Keisha Jacobs is a writer with a BA (Honours) degree in Visual Studies. She is passionate about art, feminist theory, environmental politics, and intersectional social justice issues.

Emily Burkhart

Emily Burkhart is an Arts History graduate from Oakland University. She is passionate about art education, feminist theory, women artists from Michigan, and women’s inclusion in museum spaces.

Benjamin Krudwig

Los Angeles based designer with a passion for photography and textiles. Follow @benjamin_krudwig on instagram!

Tiffany Chan

A communications student from Toronto, Ontario with a passion for photography and design.

Samantha Weaver

Samantha has an AA in Fine Arts and a BA in English & Creative Writing with a focus in Fiction Writing.

Kaiya Malik

Kaiya Malik is a student from Ontario, Canada currently working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Studies.

Elizabeth Sargeant

Elizabeth is a Toronto-based writer working towards her Bachelors of Journalism with a passion for art history and storytelling.

Laura Mychal

Laura Mychal is an Artist and Arts Professional based in Brooklyn, NY.

Rasha Hamade

Originally from Lebanon, Rasha is a recent graduate from McGill University in Political Science and World Cinema. Along with writing, she is pursuing a career in political photojournalism.

Alejandra León

Alejandra is an architect, creator and researcher. Her mission is to find alternatives to the problems we, as anthropic beings, encounter in our relationship with the place, landscape and territory.

Shakeelah Ismail

Shakeelah Ismail is a writer and storyteller working towards her Masters in Visual Studies at Stellenbosch University.

Alejandra Jiménez

As an architect, I have been involved in research, creation and pedagogy around cultural heritage; embracing ancestral knowledge, ecology and the memory of a common territory.

Mahnoor Humayun Saleem

Mahnoor is a graduate of International Relations with an avid interest in reading, writing and researching. She has immense interest in politics, literature and sustainability.

Juliana Blayney

Juliana is a student at McGill University, studying International Development and Art History. Originally from Washington, DC, she is interested in sustainable architecture and public policy.

Fanny Sachet

Fanny is a writer who focuses on the interactions between politics, art and the power of social change. She is passionate about creating art and amplifying the voices of others with messages to share.

Khaleda Khan

Journalism student at the University of Toronto. Abstract doodler and semicolon enthusiast. Follow @khandalorian on Twitter!

Angel Xing

Angel is a journalism and humanities student at Carleton University who loves finding niche narratives. Feel free to message her on social media if you have new story ideas! @angelxing98

Didhiti Kandel

Didhiti is a Managing Editor at Arts Help. She passionately believes in how empowering art can be as a vehicle to make a change. You can usually find her in the abyss of whatever book she is reading.

Kenneth Hedges

Kenneth Hedges is a freelance writer based in Montreal, Canada.

Laura Bourbonnais

Laura Bourbonnais is a contributing writer at Arts Help. She has a BFA in Screenwriting and Creative Writing and is pursuing an MS in Publishing. She strives to better the world through storytelling.

Oleksii Cherkasov

Applied Linguistics graduate from Warsaw University who loves spending evenings reading fiction and mornings reading world news. He believes that arts can inspire people to be better.

Leni Johnston

Leni Johnston is a photographer and writer based in Toronto. She believes in living sustainably and making the world a better place through art and action.

Selina Lo

Selina Lo is a Vancouver-based Editor/Writer. She holds a degree in Art History and Sociology from the University of British Columbia.

Jaelyn Decena

Current Cal State University San Marcos senior majoring in Literature and Writing Studies with a minor in Art, Media, and Design.

Neyla Fidan

I am a fourth year University of Toronto student, studying criminology and philosophy. I am passionate about writing about different criminal justice and environmental justice issues.

Katerina Sushko

A creative writer passionate about education and arts. Katerina moved from Russia to Canada at 16. She is currently in Jamaica, pursuing a degree in Psychology and learning about the local art scene.

Kirsten Armstrong

Kirsten Armstrong is a graduate from the University of Toronto with a degree in Professional Writing and Communications. She is a published author, nature lover, and bookworm.

Byron Armstrong

Byron Armstrong is a Toronto-based writer and journalist whose work centres on the intersections between art, society, and politics. His artist profiles focus on the power of art and social change.

Lillian Huang

Lillian is an undergrad at McGill University. She believes in amplifying the voices of underrepresented BIPOC creatives and using art as a medium for activism and igniting important conversations.

Claire McHugh

A passionate author and educator, currently editing a novel under the pen name, C.S. Frances. Claire spends her mornings teaching english, enjoys writing, editing and exploring local art.

Abuk Lual

Abuk is a Toronto based artist, who graduated from OCAD University with a BFA. She shares her passion for the Arts and hopes to inspire others.

Abdul Wahid Saleem

Abdul calls himself the 'guy who never skips ads.' He is an advertising graduate who loves to write creative pieces. You often find him strolling around the neighbourhood with a cup of Tim’s.

Moria (Masha) Piroshkova

Masha is a graduate of Western University with a BA in Media, Information, and Technoculture. She is passionate about environmentalism, cultural studies, and the use of art in political discourse.

Sabine Pierce Jones

Sabine is Geneva-based but currently in her gap year. She is hoping to take this time to explore the role of art in bettering the world, work on her own portfolio, and apply to her dream school.

Emma Létourneau

Emma is a student at McGill University in Art History and Communication Studies. Passionate about anything art-related, she strives to highlight artists that make our world a better place.

Angela Carrozza

Angela Carrozza is a writer based in New York with a passion for current events, gender politics and poetry.

Amy Lloyd

Amy is a Contributing Writer at Arts Help. She majors in Cultural Studies with a double minor in Communications and Philosophy at McGill. Amy has a background in student journalism and radio.

Dominique Gené

Dominique is a journalist with a passion for human-interest stories, literature and arts. She is pursuing a Bachelor's at Carleton University, while she grows her pressed flower and book collection.

Patricia Ellah

Patricia Ellah is a Contributing Writer for Arts Help based in Toronto. She is a Nigerian Canadian with a BFA in Photography and a minor in Writing from Parsons the New School of Design.

Habin Baek

Habin is an undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor's degree in the fields of journalism and psychology.

Nona Jalali

Vancouver-based writer passionate about the impact of fine arts on societal progress. She holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto and she enjoys writing, music and film/TV.

Matthew Dawkins

An author and poet with a vested interest in social and cultural intersections, pursuing his BA in SASAH and English Lit at Western University. His debut novel, Until We Break, releases in Fall 2022.

Sandra Mintz

Sandra Mintz completed a degree in Equity Studies and English from the University of Toronto. She’s a writer and editor with a passion for art in its many forms. Connect with her at The Glass Rhino.

Marisa Kelly

Toronto based writer and poet. She holds her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Visual and Critical Studies from the OCADU. Her art-based writing is concerned with honouring the integrity of the artist.

Dominique Baines

Dominique is an art historian specialising in Early Modern European painting. Now she has completed her PhD, she is finding new ways to write stories about art that are relevant to today's audiences.

Srishti Jain

A poet, writer and editor from Delhi, India, currently based in Glasgow, Scotland. Srishti was awarded the University of Glasgow Indian Arts Award. Her poems appear in multiple zines and anthologies.

Samuel Dunsiger

Samuel Dunsiger is a Toronto-based writer, educator and disability advocate. He is passionate about accessibility and social justice; his writing spotlights the experiences of marginalized people.

Shiane Williams

Shiane is a full-time writer and practical idealist with a BSoc in International Development & Globalization. She is passionate about music, spirituality, and building community.

Alyssa Herr

The Nomadic Writer penning Arts Help’s Adventures.

Nehaa Bimal

Nehaa Bimal is a journalism student at Carleton University with a mission to "give voice to the voiceless," provide cultural insight, and be a storyteller for others.

Saddman Zaman

Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Zaman is a photojournalist, documentary photographer, filmmaker, and visual artist. He is currently pursuing his Diploma in Photojournalism with Loyalist College.

Abigail Stuart

Abigail is usually spotted with a book or two in hand, and frequently seeks editing advice from her cat. Her work has also appeared in The City Quill, Not Very Quiet, and EveryDay Fiction.

Karyn Bailey

Storyteller and adventurer with a Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Management.

Erica Cristobal

Toronto-based arts programmer and writer. She holds an MFA in Criticism & Curatorial Practice from OCAD University and a BFA in New Media from Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson University).

Hannah Fields

Hannah is a Texas-based writer and publisher. She founded independent publishing company, Folkways Press, and has worked on various publications, from children’s books to award-winning magazines.

Anshita Aggarwal

India-based Writer at Arts Help with a Master's in Marketing and HR. She believes in change for a sustainable environment

Gloria Orama Dzanjalimodzi

A Malawian writer, feminist, economic justice advocate and Development Studies graduate. She is a recovering perfectionist, when she's not reading/writing, she's probably scrolling through Reddit.

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