Arts Help is excited to announce the latest curated art programming to empower artists to spearhead the recovery from COVID-19.

The global pandemic has been particularly difficult on the creative economy as it has struggled to negotiate the consequences of a world in crisis. As we gradually navigate a ‘new normal,’ artists’ unique creativity as social innovators and entrepreneurs needs to be harnessed to shape the world into a better place.

Armed with resources and tools, artists will be set up for success and have the power to change the world. Arts Help extensively explored for the right partner that supported our mandate and exemplified it through their organizations. Arts Help is proud to partner with The Remington Group to launch an online education curriculum titled Artists for Social Change.

Artists for Social Change is tailored education that will empower artists to develop the essential skills needed for their economic prosperity and societal reform. The eight-module program was designed to meet the unique needs, abilities, and talents of artists through a blend of digestible learning, workshops, and mentorship. Creative mini-masterclasses on technology, marketing, wellness, environmental sustainability, and artists as social entrepreneurs will be delivered by global experts from Google, Apple, Disney, and other industry-leading organizations.

Arts Help and The Remington Group are committed to supporting artists through the pandemic by providing tools & resources to 10,000 creatives. Providing artists with the mechanisms to navigate intersecting industries will lay the foundation so they can thrive.

The program in collaboration with Conscious Economics, supported by The Government of Canada and The Canadian Red Cross aims to empower a new generation of conscious leaders committed to building a more sustainable and equitable world through art and social innovation.

To sign up or take part in the education curriculum, please visit

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