Arts Help Ranks #41!

Recently, Startup Pill released their “101 Art Start-ups To Follow in 2020,” a comprehensive list of up-and-coming art organizations and startups. Arts Help was esteemed to be ranked in the top 50, listing at #41 alongside organizations like Monet Money and The Qube. The dynamic organizations and businesses on the list are art-centric, and diversity in mediums is as vast as the list with disciplines in mass printing operations to investment companies to media personalities.

Startup Pill, a tech and investment focused media platform, also gave further insight into this year’s selection process. Selected startups demonstrated exceptional progress and achievement in one or more of the assessment categories, including innovation, growth, management, and societal impact. Arts Help prides itself in pivoting during these unprecedented times, from in-person art exhibitions and masterclasses to completely digital. By remaining agile in an ever-evolving digital era, Arts Help aims to guide both traditional and non-traditional artists towards innovative art opportunities. A distinguishing viewpoint that Arts Help takes is in its partnership with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Action Campaign. All of the programming is inspired by the framework of the 17 SDGs as it allows for art to be a neutral table where multi-stakeholder conversation can be had, no matter how difficult.

We are honoured to have been included in Startup Pill’s ranking for 2020 and looking forward to continuing our high-impact programming that engages our audience and community.

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