Dan Witz, a contemporary artist born in Brooklyn, NY, has provided his abiding contribution to the cause of animal welfare through his multiple street art installations and artworks in collaboration with PETA UK. 

Championing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal for Life On Land, Witz significantly contributed to animal welfare with his street installations all over the city of London.

Empty The Cages, 2014, Dan Witz, Mixed Media, variable, Shoreditch, London. Image Courtesy: Empty the Cages.

Empty The Cages, a 30-piece installation scattered across the city of London showcases a gruesome yet compelling narrative of the animals' treatment in the meat industry. Witz wanted to pique the audience’s attention with a hard-hitting installation with a QR code beside it to make them aware of the issue.

“Empty The Cages”, 2014, Dan Witz Image Courtesy: PETA UK

The installation’s key purpose is to exemplify the billions of animals who suffer every day in slaughterhouses and our choice to save them from treatment by not consuming them. The installations are uniquely depicted in the city from a two-dimensional perspective that makes it seem as if the animals are lurking everywhere in public painted-resin sculpted chicken feet that have been planted around the streets. 

On choosing this collaboration Witz says he didn't hesitate to say yes as it emphasizes the aspect of spreading awareness on our surrounding animals and shows concern for their dire plight. 

If encountering my pieces brings this topic to anyone’s attention, then art matters, because life matters, and I’m satisfied.

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