Happy Earth Day! In service of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, Arts Help is excited to celebrate Earth Day 2021 with our community. This year has brought unprecedented global cooperation and activism, and this year’s Earth Day will continue to encourage global progress in environmental protection and climate change prevention. Global and local efforts to uplift Goal 15: Life on Land are vital to preserving our world, and Arts Help is contributing to the movement through art and creative programming.

In partnership with the Global Goals, Arts Help has selected artist Salventius to create a work of art for the Earth Day celebrations. His work centers around the annual Earth Day theme:

“Restore the Planet: From biodiversity to zero carbon emissions. When life around the globe returns to normal, our world cannot return to business-as-usual.”

Together with the Global Goals, Arts Help is sharing Salventius’ creative art piece with millions of international art and planet lovers across the digital community.

Salventius is a momentalism artist best known for his stunning and minimalist one-line portraits, crafted with ink, paper, and even on skin. For his Earth Day piece, Salventius looks towards the natural environment to bring alive a unique piece of art. Out of the smooth expanse of sand, Salventius has carved out a world of faces–quite literally. His one line image laces together to form a monumental globe composed of faces, created atop the sand. Salventius’ single thread of drawing exemplifies the global unification and cooperation Earth Day is meant to bring, all rooted in the magnificent image of the planet.

The Earth Day piece also embraces the “leave no trace” mentality, as Salventius has chosen to create his piece with water so it will evaporate. His piece on Earth may be temporary, but the image and impact he has created will live on in the digital world. In discussing the interconnected image of land and humanity in his work, Salventius said, “It is not just one world, it is 7.8 billion worlds on one planet. We can't say that this is our planet if we don’t see it as our responsibility.”

As the world struggles to return to “normal,” Earth Day is the perfect reminder that there are still many challenges ahead. Arts Help is committed to using our platform and community to promote sustainability, ecological protection, and climate action through innovative and amazing art and artists.

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