For Indonesian artist Fatchurofi, art is less about the art itself and more of a personal diary. He expresses that he uses his art “as a medium to journal and contemplate learnings and life,” inviting his viewers to join him on his mindfulness journey and learn their lessons along the way.

Fatchurofi beautifully weaves the narrative of mindfulness into the world, subtly sending positivity everywhere he can. By creating art that promotes mindfulness practices to a large audience, Fatchurofi’s work reflects the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for Good Health and Well-Being

Live With Pain by M. Fatchurofi. Image courtesy of Fatchurofi.

Fatchurofi's Live With Pain elegantly confronts an often invisible struggle. He eschews the traditional imagery of distress, choosing instead to depict pain through a lens of beauty and transformation—rendering it in motifs of flowers and butterflies —symbols of growth and transformation, which one might even perceive as cute. Zetland Media commissioned the piece for an article on chronic pain, and it captivates the audience's attention upon opening the article, especially those familiar with the solitude of enduring pain. It offers not a scene of anguish or forced cheerfulness but a vision of acceptance. 

From Indonesia to Denmark—where Zetland receives its primary readership—Fatchurofi's creation transcends borders to deliver a universal message. It advocates a valuable insight into mindfulness, suggesting that individuals, regardless of their battles with chronic pain, have the potential to foster pain management and psychological resilience.

Sun Dance by M. Fatchurofi. Image courtesy of @rooovie/Instagram.

Fatchurofi also works with various musicians, such as Gurugurubrain Records, Ford, and Soundtectonics. Creating beautiful album covers that share the message of mindfulness with the diverse audiences of these musical artists.

In collaboration with NYC-based artist, Jazzinuf, Fatchurofi crafted the album cover for Sun Dance. The album aims to teach listeners to smile inwardly, finding joy within themselves. The album includes a fun little technique called The Sun Dance:

While you take a breath in, breathe in the air as if you’re breathing in a smile.

Imagine there is a flower within you, and your smile-filled breath gives you that sunshine to your inner self.

And when your inner smile is soaked inside, deep within you, you will want to dance.

Breathe in and do The Sun Dance.

Give and Take wallet interior by M. Fatchurofi. Image courtesy of Paper Wallets.

The artist's contemplations extend beyond the world of art. In collaboration with the innovative company Paper Wallets, he also teaches mindfulness to an audience not generally reached by artists such as himself. 

Rooted in the principle of balance and interdependence, he helped design wallets to encourage its users to give just as much as they take. Backed up by the notion that only 300 wallets were made as a limited edition, it may suggest that one should be conscious of not only the physical resources one consumes but also the emotional resources that are used. 

Give and Take wallet’s front design by M. Fatchurofi. Image courtesy of Paper Wallets.

Fatchurofi serves as a unique reminder of maintaining harmony within oneself. In experiencing the support and kindness of others, mindfulness prompts the reciprocation of the same level of support and kindness, fostering a mutual relationship that nurtures both the individual and the community. 

His work manifests in unexpected places, impeding acceleration and directing individuals toward introspection and personal development amidst the busyness of existence. The contributions are essential milestones and resting points on the communal journey toward a society characterized by mindfulness, compassion, and resilience. 

Overall, Fatchurofi has worked through various mediums to put his art into the world; regardless of familiarity with the work, one has likely encountered it without being aware. 

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