Kasha Sequoia Slavner is not just a trailblazing filmmaker and social justice advocate, she's a beacon of inspiration for the youth. Her work delves deep into critical global issues, positioning her as a leading voice in the fight for a better world. From a young, Kasha has been making waves with her awe-inspiring artwork, challenging societal norms and promoting positive change. As a visionary, she harnesses the power of film to shed light on urgent global dilemmas, galvanizing individuals to take action and work towards realizing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. With the world facing unprecedented challenges, Slavner's work is more important than ever, serving as a reminder of the dire need for collective action to build a brighter future.

Kasha Sequoia Slavner. Image Courtesy of Thred.

Slavner’s first award-winning film, The Sunrise Storyteller, at the age of 16, premiered at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in 2017.  The filmmaker took a six months trip to various countries of the world, and filmed interviews of many people struggling with global issues. This filmy masterpiece sheds light on critical global needs promoting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, such as Gender Equality, Quality Education.

Through powerful storytelling, Salvner brings to life the experiences of people from diverse backgrounds, illuminating their challenges and triumphs in the face of adversity. Her work encourages audiences struggling for a better life to find hope, be resilient, and take action, which will create a just world for all.

Kasha Sequoia Slavner's documentary The Sunrise Storyteller Premiere –  Fashion Ecstasy 時尚高潮
Documentary premier. Image Courtesy of Fashion Ecstasy

Through her exceptional work, Slavner is deeply concerned about certain global issues including some Suatainable Development Goals for Climate Action which is evident from his various documentary films such as The Sunrise Storyteller and key speeches. With extensive experience as a 12-time United Nation Youth Delegate, she has played an active role through her engagement in artwork activities in adjudicating competitions, including delivering a keynote address to over 750 attendees at the United Nations for The International Day of Peace.

The inspiring lady possesses a 32-piece photography exhibition, Travels into the Heart”  This idea showcases hope and strong resilience from people around the globe and is a symbol of a call to action for promoting sustainability and equality. She recently accomplished a large-scale exhibit representing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for as Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions.

Travels Into The Heart. Image courtesy of The Global Sunrise Project.

Slavner's unwavering dedication to these causes has been recognized by numerous awards and accolades, including the prestigious Kim Phuc Youth Peace Prize, which she was awarded as the inaugural recipient. According to the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs, her ongoing efforts as a Climate Ambassador for the Global Youth Climate Network 2021 further demonstrate her steadfast commitment to promoting a sustainable and equitable future for all, and she is doing this through her effective public speaking, various publications and contribution to National Geographic Learning.

Kasha Sequoia Slavner | MY HERO
Emerging Artist Award. Image Courtesy of My Hero.

She founded The Global Sunrise Project, a platform that encourages young people to take an active role in creating a better world. The project aims at creating social impact by proposing an alternative approach to hope and resilience. Also, being a photo and video series, it represents the beauty of nature and various cultures, and highlights the need for sustainability and conservation. Slavner offers various opportunities for engagement, including film screenings, workshops, panels, exhibitions, and online campaigns, which inspire and motivate youth toward civic engagement.

The Mission & Journey — The Global Sunrise Project
The Global Sunrise Project. Image Courtesy of The Global Sunrise Project

Her latest endeavour, “1.5 Degrees of Peace”, a new feature documentary, delves into the complex intersection of climate change, peace and security. According to the trailer of the film, its main focus is on climate change and sustainable development. The film's objective is to inspire individuals and communities to take action toward a more sustainable and peaceful future, as contemporary global tensions appear to pose potential threats to humanity, leaving people, particularly the youth, searching for hope and facing an uncertain future. The films will be a movement for peace and climate justice in itself.  Slavner believes, through an extensive study of different cultures of the world, that the younger generation can be the change-makers, and her work seeks to empower them to achieve their full potential and contribute to a better world for all.

1.5 Degrees of Peace - The Redford Center
1.5 Degrees of Peace. Image Courtesy of The Global Sunrise Project

Kasha Sequoia Slavner's dedication to creating positive change and impressive accomplishments have made her a beacon of hope for young people globally. Slavner’s ability to captivate audiences through her compelling storytelling and inspiring messages is helping to build a brighter future for the people on Earth, and she is strongly committed to continuing this mission through her unprecedented art.

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