After a riveting showcase and talent-filled competition, Arts Help is excited to announce Meagan De Lima as the official 2021 Artist for Social Change! Meagan De Lima is a Canadian-based singer-songwriter, and her musical submission “You Can” blew away judges and fans alike. De Lima was one of three participating artists selected by fan favourites and performed her hit piece during the Live Industry Showcase.

Alongside Holly Clausius and Osé, De Lima presented her submission to the Live Industry Showcase. Judges included Arts Help co-founder and chief visionary officer Sophie Brussaux, Director X, Deborah Cox, Lesley Hampton, Tegan Quin, and Priyanka, who gave live commentary and feedback to the top 3 participating showcase artists. Judges highlighted De Lima’s unique vocals, inspiring message, and artistic prowess, contributing to diverse industry perspectives.

“The song is really, really hooky; I found myself singing along with you right after the first hook. I love your tone. Your spirit comes through with your performance,” noted Grammy-nominated Deborah Cox.

Tegan Quin, from Tegan and Sara, also reflected, “I think you did something that’s hard to do –you wrote a song that is resonating with everybody. I think you did that because you wrote something really honest and true.”

“Great song, super catchy, love dancing to it, I love the messaging, and it’s so relevant. And you have a beautiful voice!” Sophie Brussaux, artist and Co-Founder of Arts Help, concluded the commentary with praise.

Before performing in the showcase, De Lima applied to join the Artists for Social Change program alongside several artists and creatives. All 30 social change artists went through the Education Curriculum, a series of digestible modules and corresponding videos from industry champions to uplift artists and provided resources. De Lima, along with nine others, were voted Top 10 by Selection Committee Agencies. Megan’s song quickly became a fan favourite, and she progressed to the Top 3 round alongside artists Holly Clausius and Osé, who also performed for judges at the Showcase. Meagan De Lima and her submission will be featured across national platforms, and she will receive an upcoming exclusive feature in Arts Help’s editorial. All participating artists submitted moving and innovative pieces, which is available at

Artists for Social Change is multifaceted, introducing both a comprehensive program including art workshops and the showcase competition.

Click here to read our exclusive interview with Meagan De Lima

Artists for Social Change is proudly powered by The Remington Group, in collaboration with Conscious Economics, supported by The Canadian Red Cross, and the Government of Canada.

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