In partnership with RAW Artists, Arts Help is excited to introduce the National Arts Drive, an event meant to support local artists during the pandemic. During the economic pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 95% of artists have lost valuable income, with 60% of previously employed artists finding themselves jobless. Influential art is created during a struggle, and artists worldwide need support now more than ever.

Heidi Luerra, founder and CEO of RAW Artists, found inspiration for the event in the culture of celebration during the pandemic, from birthday parades to drive-by graduations. Luerra originally envisioned the map of participating artists spanning a few major US cities, but the event now includes cities across Canada, Mexico, Australia, India, Germany, and Venezuela as well. On June 20th, 2020, around 3000, independent artists will display their work on front yards, balconies, through windows, and many other pandemic-friendly locations. RAW Artists encourages all media types from traditional painting to performance art, to register for free. Artists can register up until the day of the event, as the map is live-populating. Spectators, and others in the community who wish to observe, register to receive a map of artists in their area.

On June 20th, drivers can take to the streets, travelling through city blocks and suburban neighbourhoods alike to view this new-form gallery. Upon approach, a mobile site available to all drivers will allow them to interact with the artist they visit. The site provides links to donate directly to artists, follow them on social media, and view their personal websites.

This event provides a new platform for artists to showcase their work while still prioritizing community safety. Luerra is optimistic despite the challenges, noting, “what gives me hope is that this is a very creative community overall, they are creative and resourceful people. We are going to experience outside-of-the-box types of solutions.”

For more information or registration forms, visit

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