Located in Bali's Pantai Nyanyi area, Nuanu emerges as a beacon of sustainable urban life. The space, whose construction began in 2020, sits on top of 44 acres of land. A portion of the beachside establishment was finally opened to the public in 2023, and the results have been a themed environment consisting of nine areas with a vision that hopes to eventually seamlessly integrate people-built infrastructure, nature, culture, art, and economies into a harmonious, self-sustaining ecosystem.

Overall, Nuanu aims to become a model for sustainable urban living that will run entirely on environmentally friendly systems such as green energy, waste reduction, and community-focused infrastructure. Shortly, however, Nuanu is focusing its initiatives on fostering artistic expression through an open call for artists and sustainable farming within its space, bringing attention to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Nuanu in Nyanyi beach. Image courtesy of Nuanu’s website.

To kick start its programs, in March 2023, Nuanu collaborated with iFarm, a global provider of vertical farming technology to announce an open call for architects to design a state-of-the-art vertical farm. The contest sought designs that championed food safety while also contributing to the preservation and biodiversity of Bali. They were also especially looking for architecture that was powered by machine learning-based technology. The call’s first-place winner, Anna Konoplitskaya, has received a contract to further develop their design and collaborate with a team of experts that will help bring their vision to life.  

Konoplitskaya’s winning design, titled Tree Of Life, drew its inspiration from Balinese wisdom that emphasizes harmony with the environment. This wisdom is encapsulated in the Tri Hita Karana, also known as the philosophy of the three causes of happiness: pleasure, challenge, and meaning.

Tree Of Life by Anna Konoplitskaya. Image courtesy of @nuanu_city/Instagram. 

Outside of sustainable farming, Nuanu founder, Sergey Solonin, also envisions that the space will become a comprehensive creative and cultural hub that bridges nature, technology, and the arts. One of such feats will be the 2024 opening of the Tower of Bhuma, a projection-mapped lighthouse designed by renowned French architect, Arthur Mamou-Mani. The lighthouse’s golden ratio-inspired design is being constructed using reclaimed timber from an old colonial bridge and rattan exterior.

They have also already collaborated with renowned international artists like Daniel Popper with his piece Earth Sentinels, and Alexander Milov with his piece The Birth of a New World. Both are gargantuan sculptures of humanoids in conversation with the planet and Cosmo that are now a part of Nuanu’s landscape.

The Birth of a New World by Alexander Milov. Image courtesy of @nuanu_city/Instagram. 

Nuanu has also recently announced an art open call, "NOWHERE, NOW HERE," which underlines Nuanu's commitment to providing a platform for both local and international artists in Bali, Indonesia. The open call, which now has two editions, invites artists to create three-dimensional art objects, sculptures, or installations that reflect their inner turmoil. The open call’s first edition winner’s sculpture, A Woman’s Artistic Narrative by Deborah Moses will be unveiled at the end of December 2023 in Nuanu.

Nuanu in Nyanyi beach. Image courtesy of Bali News.

The city's collaborative ethos is evident in its team, composed of 99 percent of Indonesians who work in harmony with nature and people. This is mainly done as Nuanu seeks to contribute to a larger movement toward sustainable practices, through distinct projects that resonate with the people of Indonesia.

As Nuanu paves the way for a sustainable future, it envisions a city where ecological harmony, community connectivity, and creative innovation converge. The space’s ongoing construction, set to be completed in five to seven years, signifies a continuous process of development and transformation for this groundbreaking city. Nuanu stands as a testament to the possibilities of sustainable urban development. It seeks to marry innovation with tradition, which fosters a global community of artists working towards a regenerative future.

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