Daniel Iregui ( is a new media artist born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1981 currently based in Montréal. Iregui creates interactive sculptures, spaces and architectural interventions using technology as both a tool and an aesthetic. His work explores the infinite and random combinations produced when an audiovisual system is open for the audience to transform it. In 2010 Daniel founded Iregular, an interactive content creation studio where he produces his work and commercial commissions.

Daniel Iregui’s contribution to Nuit Blanche 2018 involved the artists signature exploration of the confluence of digital media and the human body. On September 29th, more than 14,500 visitors came through the doors of 100 McCaul St. to view FORWARD, presented at OCAD University, an installation of two “tunnels” that generates infinite ways to get to a distant point on the horizon. Curated by Linda Columbus of Onsite Gallery, the work alludes to the future becoming the present and disappearing. The viewer travels through endless visual tunnels, evoking a feeling of forever propelling forward. Yet, tethered by the physical body, a conflicting sensation of remaining static in the present will remind viewers that: you are “here”. Now.

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