Serpentine Lines is a small American business that refurbishes and upcycles mid-century wooden furniture that would otherwise have been thrown away. Unlike others in the business, Serpentine Lines focuses on making sure that the wood of the refurbished furniture is the star of the show. They try their best to restore and refinish the wood so that people can appreciate the durability of this naturally occurring material. At a time when environmental concerns are at an all-time high, and for good reasons, pieces by Serpentine Lines help people decorate their homes tastefully while also paying tribute to Mother Nature’s resilience. They serve as at-home reminders to continuously make good choices for the environment. This aligns their work with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of Responsible Consumption and Production and Life on Land.

Vintage Teak Credenza by Serpentine Lines. Image courtesy of @_serpentine_lines_/Instagram.

Serpentine Lines first began in 2018 when its founders were looking for newly made or refinished mid-century furniture for their newly purchased mid-century home. With home renovations also in line, they found that they could not afford most of the furniture on the market; hence, they began to scour garage sales. The pieces they found in these markets required a lot of work, but they found joy in the craft and kept buying vintage, old or even discarded furniture to refurbish and up-cycle at home. This practice allowed them to create a refurbished furniture business that is also budget-friendly.

Vintage Keller Hutch by Serpentine Lines. Image courtesy of @_serpentine_lines_/Instagram.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), furniture waste is one of the world’s forgotten wastes as it generates waste less frequently than any other industry. However, they also found that in a year, the industry still generated a staggering 12.2 million tons of waste in the US alone, with 80 percent of them going straight to landfills and only 0.3 percent being recycled. This is precisely why initiatives such as Serpentine Lines go a long way in ensuring that old and discarded furniture can have a second life. In their own words, it is so that they are “Sturdy and ready for another 60 years!”

As seen on their ready-to-purchase pieces, Serpentine Lines also focuses on making the refurbished furniture’s wood finish shine despite today’s design trends calling for painted or laminated wood. This not only makes their pieces stand out by providing an authentic vintage look but also by serving as think-pieces that allude to the durability of wood. On a larger scale, they allude to the power and resilience that nature has shown.

Vintage MCM 9 Drawer Dresser by Serpentine Lines. Image courtesy of @_serpentine_lines_/Instagram.

As their brand name suggests, Serpentine Line refurbishes old or discarded furniture to create rejuvenated, beautiful furniture. Their emphasis on ensuring the pieces know their natural origins becomes at-home reminders for people to try their best to preserve the natural world. We all share one planet, and we need it more than we need mass-produced new coffee tables.

Check Serpentine Lines' Instagram at @_serpentine_lines to find out more about their mid-century furniture and other initiatives.

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