On December 5th 2018, Arts Help’s True Original Design event came to Toronto:

Held at an undisclosed location, a social “swipe up” story invitation was extended out to artists and content creators to participate in an eye opening discussion about creative process, the importance of design and artistic viewpoints across a variety of mediums. Our final selection of panelists represented many diverse backgrounds, including visual artists, videographers, photographers, graphic designers, musicians, and vloggers.  

The interactive evening included the Arts Help x Disney True Original Design Award sculpture unveiling, a thought provoking panel discussion featuring content creators & design thinking innovators followed by a unique networking party with exclusive desserts and giveaways. Upon arrival, attendees were met with limited edition Mickey Pop! Figures provided by our event partner Disney in celebration of the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse.

The night officially began as the nights’ M.C. introduced panel moderator Janice Lau-Pearson (Disney Canada) and Canadian artist Charlotte Durnford Dionne to unveil Charlotte’s True Original Design Award sculpture to the audience.

Charlotte’s used over 10,000 yards of repurposed yarn to guerilla knither own designs over a life-sized Mickey Mouse sculpture, evoking the positive values of sustainability and upcycling by creatively finding ways to repurpose used materials in a unique way. Following the presentation of Charlotte’s award, the night’s panel discussion was kicked off with introductions of our four talented panelists. Throughout the conversation, our host Janice Lau-Pearson engaged in conversations regarding originality, creative networking, content creation, and personal experiences with help from our group of knowledgeable experts.

Panel members included James Andrews (Universal Music Creator), Sommer Ray (Global Influencer & Clothing Designer), Charlotte Durnford Dionne (Artist & Disney True Original Designer), and James Lappin (Creative Director, Arts Help), each of which offered a unique perspective on the topic of art & design, while offering valuable insights to the packed crowd. As the conversation came to an end Janice called upon the audience to ask the panel any burning questions they had in mind. Finally, our networking session began with the help of our edible balloon station & Disney themed treats, while Charlotte’s 1st place Mickey sculpture provided the perfect selfie background.

True Original Design was a rare intersection of insight, experience, and interactivity. Being Arts Help first interactive event, our team is very happy to spread our message of sustainability, expression, and individuality through art & design.

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