Dark Pop is a music genre that blends alternative, indie, and pop elements. It is recognizable for its introspective and melancholic tone, often featuring rich synthesizers, distorted guitars, and electronic drums. This combination establishes an atmosphere that explores themes of heartbreak, loss, and solitude in its lyrics. The dark pop singer-songwriter and visual artist from Singapore, goneMUNE, harnesses the transformative power of this genre.

She uses her music to scream out and turn into tunes and harmonies the complexities of trauma recovery, unhealthy coping mechanisms, and mental illnesses, reflecting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Good Health And Well-Being.

Portrait of goneMUNE by Sailesh(@psylsh). Image courtesy of @gonemune/Instagram.

Her sonic journey began in December 2020, driven solely by a passionate need to confront personal demons through her art. Devoid of formal training or viral social media exploits, goneMUNE relies on an unyielding urge to express the intricacies of identity, trauma, and self-discovery.

Her debut performance in April 2022 at *SCAPE marked a pivotal moment for goneMUNE, showcasing her music and personal narratives. Her debut EP, TULPA is a poignant exploration of self-control and identity, delving into the dark side of human thoughts through dark pop and altronica. Songs like Petal and Victim unveil the lurking shadows and demons within; the ones come in the form of intrusive and depressive thoughts asking to be screamed out loud. Meanwhile, Drive My Car unveils a dive into unhealthy coping mechanisms through mechanical percussion and haunting melodies.

Portrait of goneMUNE by Sailesh (@psylsh). Image courtesy of @gonemune/Instagram.

The artist’s music transcends mere auditory experience. It is also an invitation to gaze into a fragile yet guarded snow globe of reflections and refractions. Her compositions resonate with those grappling with self-discovery, trauma healing, gender identity, and the inevitability of death. The immersive storytelling unfolds like a diary, allowing listeners to melt into the tumultuous inner realm of goneMUNE, creating connections that traverse shared experiences.

Collaboration and connection through the internet form the backbone of goneMUNE's album, TULPA: REDUX. Coming from real-world traumatic experiences, the album charts how the internet became a sanctuary for belonging and creative expression. It celebrates the warmth and exploration fostered by online connections, acknowledging the chaos it brings while expressing gratitude for the connections forged through it.

TULPA: REDUX album art. Image courtesy of Hear65.

 The artist shared her journey, emphasizing the importance of telling stories, even darker ones, through music and creating intimate connections with the audience in an interview with *SCAPE Career Studio. The support received from fans and the guidance provided by *SCAPE Career Studio propelled her forward. goneMUNE’s dreams now extend beyond borders, aspiring to take her music internationally, resonating with those who connect with her unique sound.

goneMUNE's music has left an indelible mark, impacting the lives of those who resonate with her work. Her message to her past self underscores the importance of patience and self-belief for mental health. This is why her pitch at Fish Tank, where goneMUNE expressed a vision for a release show for TULPA: REDUX, won judges' hearts, allowing her to secure financial support to turn the dream into reality.

Portrait of goneMUNE at SACRILIGE by Robin Vochelet. Image courtesy of @gonemune/Instagram.

As goneMUNE's music continues to touch hearts, her journey epitomizes the power of self-expression in healing and connecting with others. TULPA: REDUX serves as a testament to the beauty of human connection through the internet, exploring a range of emotions and celebrating the restoration of faith in people. Each track is a journey, transporting listeners to a world filled with warmth and exploration.

In a world where virtual connections often feel ephemeral, goneMUNE's music becomes a tangible thread, weaving through the chaos to create meaningful bonds. Her work resonates not only as a testament to personal resilience but also as a beacon for others navigating the shadows, offering solace and understanding through the transformative language of music.

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