Arts Help is proud to announce its collaboration with The Remington Group, Conscious Economics, The Canadian Red Cross and the Government of Canada in launching Artists for Social Change. Artists for Social Change is two-fold, introducing both a comprehensive program of art workshops and the chance for artists to compete and win the Artist Showcase. The winner, and 2021’s official Canadian Artist for Social Change, will receive a monetary prize, 1-on-1 mentorship, a feature in Arts Help’s exclusive editorial, and exposure on a worldwide digital platform.

After reviewing applications, the committee will select thirty (30) aspiring Canadian artists who will gain exclusive access to Arts Help’s eight-part masterclass series. The masterclass series covers various art world industries, setting up artists with experience in the economic, legal, and technical aspects of artistic fields. Selected artists will also be granted the opportunity to talk with industry leaders and professionals throughout their journey. Arts Help encourages all up-and-coming artists to apply, with a particular focus on BIPOC, newcomers, and LGBTQA+ community members. Upon completion of the masterclass program, artists will be allowed to participate in a showcase and potentially be named 2021’s Canadian Artist for Social Change!

As artists undergo the review process, they will be assessed by the official Selection Committee and Showcase Judges. The Selection Committee comprises four diverse non-profit arts organizations dedicated to furthering social impact through art, including Arts Help, Conscious Economics, Honey Jam, and Queer Collective. All judges will consider the merit, intention, message, and relevancy of submitted artworks when making final decisions.

To apply, artists must be Canadian residents over 18 years and self-identify from the queer or BIPOC community. Artists must also be dedicated to a social impact mission and exemplify the artist for Social Change qualities. This program is launched in partnership with The Remington Group, Government of Canada, Conscious Economics and the Red Cross to support marginalized creative/artist communities’ economic development.

All Canadian artists are encouraged to apply by visiting:

Arts Help is proudly supported by  The Remington Group

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