Arts Help, the world’s largest digital arts publisher and an award-winning nonprofit, is thrilled to announce the Conscious Crypto Creator (CCC) initiative at the 2022 L.A. Art Show.

This year’s show focuses on the theme of climate change, and Arts Help will highlight the innovation of artists who are using their practice to address the global environmental crisis.

Daniel Iregui, a pioneer artist and the head of Montreal-based Studio Iregular, will showcase his CCC-verified project entitled ICEBERGS at this year’s event.

"Just as we strive to unite the art community here in Los Angeles, we are always aiming to bring together the exciting elements within contemporary art, leading to meaningful innovation," says Kassandra Voyagis, the Producer and Director of the L.A. Art Show. "With that in mind, we are thrilled to welcome Arts Help with Conscious Crypto Creator: ICEBERGS."

CCC is a global movement developed by Arts Help to empower, embolden, and educate creatives to use their art in the fight for transparency and sustainable crypto-validation practices. As part of this movement, Arts Help has curated a masterclass series aimed at providing tools for those who would like to take the first step into the new cultural economy focusing on blockchain technology and NFTs while remaining committed to sustainability.

“To further communicate this urgent and serious challenge of climate change caused by the crypto space, the CCC program aims to engage with artists and creatives to inspire climate action through innovative and environmentally sound practices,” says Sutu, the Creative Director of Conscious Crypto Creator.

Iregui’s ICEBERGS is an interactive piece that highlights the impact that our everyday decisions have on the melting polar ice caps. The display will feature a body tracking system that detects viewers’ physical movement and level of activity to demonstrate the link between the individual and the environment.

ICEBERGS is part of Iregular’s NFT series OUR COMMON HOME, which uses CCC-certified validation methods to minimize environmental impact.

"With ICEBERGS, Studio Iregular blends this year’s prominent themes of environmental awareness and artistic technological advancements, seamlessly uniting multiple aspects of the fair," says Voyagis.

The 2022 L.A. Art Show will take place from January 19th to the 23rd.

Learn more about Conscious Crypto Creator here.

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