Sutu (aka Stuart Campbell) will lead the creative direction of the Conscious Crypto Creator Movement

November 18, 2021 /Newswire/ - Arts Help, the world's leading digital art publisher, announces Australian interactive designer, augmented reality producer and comic book artist Sutu as creative director for its Conscious Crypto Creator (CCC) movement.

Sutu, also known as Stu Campbell, will lend his talent and influence to the movement to bring transparency and sustainable crypto-validation practices.

“Sutu blends the worlds of optimism with the problem-solving potential of technology to tell the stories the world needs to hear. That vision makes him the perfect choice to lead our charge to recruit Conscious Crypto Creators,” said Arts Help, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Janice Lau-Pearson. “His work with Marvel, Disney and Google is a testament to his talent and organizational leadership qualities.”

The Arts Help CCC movement seeks to mobilize more than 200 artists worldwide in every artistic genre to devote their talent to catalyzing social change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and encouraging energy conservation in crypto applications. Artists may apply for Arts Help commissions to create works and performances that showcase the damage these carbon-intensive practices cause with the need for immediate action.

Other components of the Arts Help program include a free masterclass education for grant applicants, sound economic guidelines for crypto mining and NFT creation. Additionally,  the dissemination of information to platforms, organizations, governments and private sectors who participate in the creator economy.

“I am honoured to join the Arts Help team in advocating this critically important message and promoting ways the arts community can come together to create lasting change,” Sutu said. “There is a movement happening, where more artists are realizing the power to make conscious decisions to move the needle of our industry towards a sustainable future.”

Visit to learn more about the Conscious Crypto Creator program.

About SUTU
Sutu (aka Stuart Campbell) uses art and technology in new ways to tell stories. He has been commissioned by the likes of Marvel, Google and Disney to create VR art for properties such as Doctor Strange and Ready Player One.  He has also created three VR documentaries; Inside Manus for SBS, Mind at War for Ryot Films and The Battle of Hamel for the Australian War Memorial. He is also known for his interactive comics including Nawlz, Neomad, Modern Polaxis and These Memories Won’t Last. He holds a Honorary Doctorate of Digital Media from Central Queensland University, is a 2017 Sundance Fellow and is the co-founder of EyeJack an Augmented Reality company.

Arts Help
Arts Help is an award-winning organization that champions social change through art-centric solutions. As a global creative network that curates collaborations with artists, industry-leading institutions, and grassroots organizations, Arts Help delivers impactful programming, and publishing. With a digital network of over 4 million people, the creative hub aims to provide inclusive opportunities for artists of all disciplines to showcase their talent and create impact.

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