As of this week, passersby in downtown Toronto can get a glance at a digital billboard announcing new videos for the LYRICALLY x Waveland Series, now out on the Arts Help YouTube channel.

Lyrically billboard in Dundas Square.

Situated in the heart of Toronto in Dundas Square, the billboard displays short LYRICALLY clips of nineteen different emerging artists who are making waves in the industry.

Arts Help is partnered with Waveland, a Canadian music non-profit, to showcase the work of up-and-coming artists and empower the country's music scene. As part of Arts Help's mission to change the world with impactful art, LYRICALLY provides an online platform to talented creatives who are inspiring others with their meaningful music.

Each LYRICALLY video alternates between clips of the artist singing or rapping along to their songs, discussing what the lyrics mean to them, and sharing their own unique story as a contemporary musician.

LYRICALLY billboard in action.

Watch Seasons 1 and 2 of LYRICALLY x Waveland today on the Arts Help YouTube channel.

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