Arts Help stands with Ukraine. To show our support, we have partnered with UK-based newspaper and media publisher The Independent to publish a powerful letter by Arts Help Head of Design, Alex Filipas, who has shared his experience witnessing war in his home country.

Click here to read the co-published piece in full.

The original open letter was published by The Independent and was made possible thanks to editor and columnist Holly Baxter. In it, Filipas describes how the conflict and the constant fear and uncertainty of losing friends and loved ones has put an abrupt hold on his life and future dreams.

"After weeks of fear, warnings, preparation, and hoping against hope, bombs and missiles were raining down; soldiers and tanks were on the move. The Russian despot had unleashed his minions, intent on destroying my homeland, my heritage, my family," writes Filipas.

"You cannot fathom that another human being would unleash death and destruction on innocent civilians, that real bombs would explode, and your neighbors will die."

Alex Filipas. Image courtesy of The Independent

Arts Help is committed to supporting the people of Ukraine. For more information on how you can contribute, see the following resources:

UNICEF’s Fund to Protect Children in Ukraine

Doctors Without Borders

UN Refugee Agency

Ukraine Crisis

See how the work of artists like Stanislava Pinchuk are contributing to the call for peace.

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